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Whether you’re navigating a divorce or visitation issues or you need to have a marital agreement drawn, I am here to help. These matters can be an emotional, lengthy process, but hiring a trusted lawyer means they’ll be handled with care and attention. When you work with me, you’ll receive trusted, personalized legal advice that has your best interests in mind.

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Uncontested Divorce

Custody & Visitation Issues

Pre & Post Marital Agreements

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Custody & Visitation
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Resolve Custody & Visitation Issues Quickly

Dealing with matters of custody and visitation rights can quickly escalate, meaning an attorney is essential to facilitate the process. I’m experienced in handling these cases effectively. Having an attorney that has your best interests at heart means having someone who will handle the negotiation process, remain objective during the process, and help you navigate the paperwork and red tape. 

File a Divorce Quickly

No matter the circumstances, filing for divorce is an emotional process for all parties involved. I have the experience required to streamline the process and ensure it’s completed quickly and efficiently. Hiring an attorney during a divorce will ensure you receive expert advice, reduce your stress, and help you avoid costly mistakes. I offer a low, flat fee for uncontested divorces. I also offer my military clients a discount on my hourly rate.

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Why Should You Get a Marital Agreement?

Being proactive now with your finances will save you stress later. Obtaining a marital agreement prior to your marriage fosters healthy communication about your finances and helps you prepare for future scenarios. This agreement outlines aspects such as spousal support and division of assets in divorce. 

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From divorce to managing visitation issues to writing marital agreements, you’ll receive exactly what you need when you work with Us. Every case is handled with the compassion and understanding necessary to put you at ease. I’m readily available to guide you through these processes from start to finish. 

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